Experience the enchantment of the desert night sky with the Dubai Desert Safari.

Organized by Arabian Adventures, this exhilarating tour takes guests on a 4WD adventure through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

Enjoy a range of activities including falconry, belly dancing, sandboarding, and camel riding.

Indulge in a delicious buffet dinner and unlimited house beverages, all while being taken care of by professional and knowledgeable drivers.

With glowing reviews, this tour is a highly recommended choice for a unique and immersive desert experience.

Key Takeaways

Dubai Desert Safari With Dinner and House Beverages - Key Takeaways

  • The Dubai Desert Safari with Dinner and House Beverages offers a unique and tranquil experience under the desert night sky.
  • The tour includes various activities such as falconry display, camel riding, sand boarding, and belly dancing performance.
  • Guests can enjoy a regional BBQ dinner buffet and unlimited house beverages (beer and wine) throughout the evening.
  • Reviews highlight the professionalism and knowledge of the drivers, the variety of entertainment provided, and positive feedback on the overall experience.

Tour Overview: Experience the Tranquility of the Desert Night Sky

Travelers on this tour have the opportunity to experience the tranquility of the desert night sky, immersing themselves in the peacefulness and beauty of the stars above.

As part of the Dubai Desert Safari experience, visitors will venture into the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, a protected area dedicated to preserving the natural beauty and wildlife of the desert.

While enjoying activities such as a falconry display, camel riding, and sandboarding, guests will also have the chance to indulge in stargazing. With minimal light pollution in the desert, the night sky becomes a canvas of sparkling stars, providing a mesmerizing and awe-inspiring sight.

This experience not only allows travelers to connect with nature but also raises awareness about the importance of desert conservation and the need to protect these unique ecosystems for future generations.

Inclusions: Indulge in a Delicious Buffet Dinner and Unlimited House Beverages

Dubai Desert Safari With Dinner and House Beverages - Inclusions: Indulge in a Delicious Buffet Dinner and Unlimited House Beverages

Guests can satisfy their appetites and quench their thirsts with a scrumptious buffet dinner and a never-ending supply of house beverages.

The inclusion of house beverages in the tour package offers several benefits:

  1. Convenience: Guests don’t have to worry about bringing their own drinks or purchasing them separately. They can simply enjoy the unlimited supply of house beverages throughout the tour.

  2. Variety: With a wide selection of beverages available, guests can choose from alcoholic and non-alcoholic options to suit their preferences. This ensures that everyone can find something they enjoy.

  3. Value for money: Comparing the dinner options in different desert safari tours, the inclusion of unlimited house beverages adds value to the overall package. Theres some good a delicious meal while also enjoying a refreshing drink without any extra cost.

Overall, including house beverages in the tour package enhances the dining experience and adds convenience and value for guests.

Meeting and Pickup: Convenient Pickup Points and Details

Dubai Desert Safari With Dinner and House Beverages - Meeting and Pickup: Convenient Pickup Points and Details

The guide will meet guests in the hotel’s main lobby and provide convenient pickup details for the desert safari tour. During the pickup, guests will be informed about the pickup location and time, ensuring a smooth start to their adventure.

It’s recommended for guests to be in the lobby at least 15 minutes before the confirmed pickup time. To avoid any confusion, guests are advised to inform the hotel concierge that they’re waiting for an Arabian Adventures Tour or Safari. This ensures that the guide can easily locate and assist them.

The pickup location and time are crucial aspects of the tour, as they determine the start of an exciting journey into the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

Tour Experience: Enjoy Exciting Activities and Entertainment in the Dubai Desert

Dubai Desert Safari With Dinner and House Beverages - Tour Experience: Enjoy Exciting Activities and Entertainment in the Dubai Desert

What exciting activities and entertainment can one enjoy in the Dubai Desert? Here are three thrilling experiences to try:

1) Camel Riding: Hop on a camel and experience the traditional mode of transport in the desert. Enjoy the gentle sway as you ride through the golden sands, taking in the breathtaking views of the desert landscape.

2) Sandboarding: Get your adrenaline pumping by trying sandboarding, a popular desert activity. Strap on a board and slide down the dunes, feeling the rush as you glide across the soft sand. It’s a fun and exhilarating way to explore the desert.

3) Falconry Display: Witness the ancient art of falconry, a significant part of Emirati culture. Marvel at the agility and grace of these magnificent birds as they soar through the sky. Learn about the history and importance of falconry from knowledgeable guides.

These activities, along with many others like belly dancing, henna painting, and a delicious buffet dinner, make the Dubai Desert Safari an unforgettable experience.

Reviews and Feedback: Positive Experiences and Praise for the Dinner and House Beverages

Dubai Desert Safari With Dinner and House Beverages - Reviews and Feedback: Positive Experiences and Praise for the Dinner and House Beverages

Visitors raved about the delectable food and the wide selection of house beverages, praising the dinner and drinks as the highlights of their experience. They were particularly impressed with the quality of the entertainment and activities provided during the Dubai Desert Safari. Many reviewers mentioned the variety of talented performers, including belly dancers, fire dancers, and a tanoura dancer. The falconry display also received positive feedback.

In terms of comparing this experience with other companies offering similar tours, some reviewers mentioned that while the price may be higher, the overall quality of the experience justified the cost. However, there were a few reviewers who expressed disappointment with the commercialized nature of the tour and mentioned that other companies offered similar experiences at lower prices.

The majority of reviews were positive, with visitors praising the dinner, drinks, and entertainment provided during the Dubai Desert Safari.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dubai Desert Safari With Dinner and House Beverages - Frequently Asked Questions

Are Pickup and Drop-Off Included in the Tour?

Yes, pickup and drop-off are included in the tour. Guests can choose from various transportation options, such as a 4WD vehicle. This ensures convenience and a hassle-free experience for all participants.

Can I Choose a Specific Pickup Point for the Tour?

Yes, customers can choose a specific pickup point for the tour. However, it’s important to note that custom pickup locations may incur additional charges. It’s recommended to confirm with the tour operator for more information.

Is There a Specific Dress Code for the Tour?

Dress code requirements for the tour include appropriate attire. Fashion trends and style recommendations can vary. It is recommended to dress comfortably and modestly, considering the desert environment and cultural sensitivity.

How Long Does the Tour Typically Last?

The duration of the tour can vary, but it typically lasts around 6 hours. The best time to go is in the evening, as you’ll get to experience the beautiful sunset and enjoy the activities under the starry desert sky.

Is There an Age Restriction for Participating in the Activities?

Age restrictions for activities on the Dubai Desert Safari are in place to ensure the safety of participants. The tour adheres to safety regulations and provides a memorable experience for all ages.

The Sum Up

To sum it up, the Dubai Desert Safari with Dinner and House Beverages offered by Arabian Adventures is an unforgettable and enchanting experience. With activities such as falconry displays, belly dancing shows, and camel riding, guests can enjoy the beauty of the desert landscape. The delicious buffet dinner and unlimited house beverages add to the enjoyment of the evening under the stars. With positive reviews highlighting the professionalism and personalized attention provided, this tour comes highly recommended for those seeking a unique and immersive desert adventure.

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These are just a few of the many incredible tours and activities available in Dubai. Whether you’re seeking adrenaline-pumping adventures, cultural experiences, or family-friendly fun, Dubai has a lot to offer.

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